Send2Press Newswire Press Release Distribution from Send2Press Wed, 27 May 2020 16:27:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 iMobie Releases AnyUnlock to Remove Various iPhone Locks Instantly and Securely, Allowing Users to Freely Enjoy iPhone Again Wed, 27 May 2020 14:29:16 +0000 LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — iMobie, a tech company who is devoted to making digital life easy & efficient for global users, announced a new product release: AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker! It can unlock various passwords for iOS devices securely and quickly, including Apple ID, screen passcode, Screen Time passcode, and even encrypted iTunes backup, with the highest success rate.

iMobie AnyUnlock
“Forgetting passwords on iPhone is really troublesome, which keeps users from enjoying iPhone services,” said Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie. “Given that, through trial and error for months, our professional technical team has achieved it, and developed AnyUnlock to help all iOS users remove various locks of passcodes, like Apple ID, screen passcode, etc. Better still, it can find and export all the passwords saved on iOS devices, like WiFi passwords, Email passwords, etc. No need to worry about forgetting passwords again.”

Unlock iPhone Passwords with AnyUnlock:

Highlight Features of AnyUnlock:

Unlock Apple ID to Enjoy iPhone Again

It is unable to download apps/songs/podcasts or change Apple IDs if users forgot the Apple ID password. AnyUnlock is able to securely remove it, so users can enjoy new songs, apps, etc. again, and never worry about the device being locked or wiped remotely.

Remove All Screen Locks with No Tech Skills

With reliable decryption technology, AnyUnlock can remove all screen locks: Touch ID, Face ID, and 4/6-digit passcode, etc. No technical skills will be needed. After unlocking, the device will be upgraded to the latest version so they can enjoy the new iOS features.

Bypass Screen Time / Restrictions Passcode

Forgot Screen Time/Restriction passcode? AnyUnlock enables users to unlock the passcode in 3 simple steps. What’s better, AnyUnlock can recover the passcode for devices running below iOS 13.

Remove iTunes/Finder Backup Encryption with Ease

Thanks to the industry-leading technology, AnyUnlock can turn off backup encryption in iTunes/Finder, so users can back up their iPhone freely with no password restrictions. It also retrieves the backup password in iTunes/Finder, with no damage to the backup files.

Remember All The Passwords in 1 Safe Place

AnyUnlock can safely check Wi-Fi passwords, Email passwords, app passwords and more saved on iOS devices. Users can view and export them as CSV format for different password managers, like 1Passsword, Dashlane, Chrome, etc. No worries about forgetting passwords anymore.

Download AnyUnlock to unlock iPhone passwords:


AnyUnlock is designed to help iPhone/iPad/iPod touch users unlock forgotten iOS passwords on their own devices. It is for personal use only. Any misuse of AnyUnlock for commercial or illegal purposes is strictly forbidden.

Compatibility and Price:

AnyUnlock is fully compatible with Windows and Mac, and available from $35.99. Choose AnyUnlock plan here:

About iMobie:

iMobie Inc. is an advanced software developer dedicated to making the digital life simpler for all iOS and Android users worldwide. Information:

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]]> As Lawsuits Mount, Johnson & Johnson Ends Sales of Talc-Based Baby Powder in the U.S. Wed, 27 May 2020 13:00:46 +0000 SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — After a century of selling baby powder, Johnson & Johnson has decided to pull the plug on further sales of its talc-based product. Sales will officially end in the U.S. and Canada after supplies already on the shelf run out. - Personal Injury Lawyers
Johnson & Johnson has never admitted blame for its cancer-causing talcum powder and still defends it in court despite evidence to the contrary.

Johnson & Johnson knew its talc-based baby powder was contaminated with asbestos in the 1970s yet hid this knowledge from the public for nearly five decades.

Johnson & Johnson tried to coerce FDA officials to not release reports showing asbestos contamination.

Approximately 19,400 lawsuits have been filed as of Spring 2020, yet Johnson & Johnson continues to defend the purity of its product and has appealed most pro-plaintiff verdicts.

Demand has decreased and sales have flattened for talc-based baby powder as consumers worry about its link to ovarian cancer.

A New Jersey jury hits Johnson & Johnson with a $750 million verdict in favor of four plaintiffs in February 2020.

A New Jersey judge allowed the plaintiff’s medical and scientific experts to testify against Johnson & Johnson in April 2020. This gives the 16,000 other cases already field the green-light to proceed.

Contact the Law Offices of Edward A. Smith to File a Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has suffered from ovarian cancer due to Johnson & Johnson baby powder, call us at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400 for a free case review.

For further information, visit the website.

For more information, contact:
Edward A. Smith

Law Office of Edward A. Smith
1900 Point West Way #200
Sacramento, CA 95815

Established in 1982, is a Sacramento, California based Personal Injury law firm providing legal assistance with cases involving auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and personal injury including all mass tort cases, wrongful death, medical malpractice and consumer product liability. It is a top-rated member of Avvo, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the Better Business Bureau and National Association of Distinguished Counsel. They are also proud members of Pledge 1%.

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Toray TC346 Epoxy Resin System for High-End Motorsports Receives Flame-Retardancy Certifications Wed, 27 May 2020 13:00:34 +0000 MORGAN HILL, Calif., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Toray Advanced Composites announces that its industry-leading Toray TC346 prepreg resin system has passed the SFI 56.1 and UL94 V0 flame-retardancy tests. The passing of these stringent flame-retardancy tests further demonstrates how the Toray TC346 system is ideally suited to satisfy the rigorous demands of the Formula One, NASCAR, and other high performance automotive and motorsport markets.

TORAY Composites - Race Car
The Toray TC346 resin system is a high-temperature epoxy system developed with input from leading motorsport and automotive industry professionals. Toray engineered the material to handle a wide range of exceptionally demanding motorsport applications, such as gearbox and suspension components, which require a high service temperature and high toughness.

“We are extremely pleased that the TC346 resin system received these important flame-retardancy certifications. The distinction positions the TC346 system as the ‘go-to’ composite material that can help high-performance motorsports programs attain significant performance improvements,” says Steven Mead, Managing Director of Toray Advanced Composites. Mead notes that Toray produces the prepreg at its operations in the U.K. and U.S., which will enhance the company’s support of the motorsport market in those regions.

Toray’s TC346 has excellent compression strength, interlaminar shear strength, in-plane shear modulus, and improved elevated temperature tensile strength. The TC346 system offers a superior surface finish for aesthetic appeal and controlled flow of the resin to simplify lay-up and curing production. Other motorsport component applications that require lightweighting with superior toughness would also benefit from the inherent properties of TC346.

TORAY Advanced Composites logo
Additionally, applications that require high glass transition temperatures, excellent compression strength, and high fracture toughness could also benefit from this super-tough and flame-resistant epoxy prepreg system. TC346 is available in a wide variety of uni-directional tapes and fabric styles.

Certification Test Details:

  • SFI 56.1 flame retardancy at 1 ply thickness (TC346 HM0545 200g 2×2 Twill HMy63 12K 42% Resin Content)
  • UL94 V0 flame retardancy at 2 mm thickness (TC346 HM0545 200g 2×2 Twill HMy63 12K 42% Resin Content)

For more technical information regarding Toray TC346, download the data sheet: Toray TC346 Data Sheet

About Toray Advanced Composites

Toray Advanced Composites is a leader in the development and production of advanced thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials. The broad product portfolio is incorporated in high-performance products for aerospace, space, communications, automotive, consumer, and industrial applications. Toray Advanced Composites has a long heritage of combining state-of-the-art materials technology with world-class technical expertise to deliver a unique customer-centric business model. Production and operation facilities are in North America, Europe, and Asia. Toray Advanced Composites is a subsidiary of the Toray Group.

For more information, visit:

All trademarks are the property of Toray Industries Inc. unless otherwise stated.

Media Inquiries (North America):
Johanna Beckmen,
Director of Marketing USA
t +1 669-888-5416

Media Inquiries (Europe):
Jenny Hodgson, Marketing Manager EMEA
t +44 1773 536966



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‘Merican Mule Expands, Launches Southern Style Mule Wed, 27 May 2020 13:00:31 +0000 NORWALK, Conn., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — ‘Merican Mule, one of America’s fastest growing canned cocktail brands, has announced the expansion into new states in the Northeast and Southern U.S. The company designs new age variations of the Moscow Mule cocktail, made with premium spirits, ginger, and fruits, in 12oz cans.

'Merican Mule - Southern Style
Consumers in following states can now find the craft, “Moscow Mule in can” varieties for purchase:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New York (Long Island)
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee

The expansion marks a key milestone of growth for the brand, which is sold in thousands of retailers, including select Total Wine & More, Whole Foods and Target locations. Despite the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Merican Mule has seen an unprecedented rise in sales.

“We anticipated challenges due to the pandemic, especially being a higher quality, premium brand,” explained Dean Mahoney, ‘Merican Mule’s Founder and CEO. “But customers are still discovering our liquid, and once they try it, they are sharing with family and friends more than we ever could have imagined. We’re excited to be expanding to new regions.”

Mahoney also commented that humble beginnings might be resonating with customers. “We really appreciate that our story is being shared. Back in 2015, we were just three young professionals that decided to do something innovative with our lives savings. Now we’re at the forefront of the new frontier with canned cocktails.” Mahoney met his cofounders while working in the technology sector.

'Merican Mule logo
In addition to the geographic expansion, ‘Merican Mule has launched a new canned cocktail, the Southern Style Mule. Typically referred to as a ‘Kentucky Mule’ on bar menus across the country, the ‘Merican Mule – Southern Style is made with bourbon whiskey, natural ginger, refreshing orange and a hint of cherry. The bold beverage resembles a cross between an Old Fashioned and a Moscow Mule, standing strong at 7% ABV.

The new flavor is the fourth release to join a lineup that includes the classic Moscow Style Mule, made with vodka, ginger and lime, the Mexican Style Mule, made with tequila, ginger and lime, and the Tropical Style Mule, made with rum, ginger and pineapple.

‘Merican Mule plans to announce additional states where their beverages will be distributed, later this year.

For more information, connect socially on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter or visit the company website:

About ‘Merican Mule

‘Merican Mule is a premium, canned cocktail brand that delivers convenient, bartender-quality Moscow Mules made with real, premium distilled spirits, ginger, and all-natural ingredients (instead of malt or alcohol from cane sugar like most hard seltzers). Since coming to stores in 2017, ‘Merican Mule now distributes in nine states and thousands of retail locations, offering four flavors at 7% ABV: their flagship Moscow Style Mule (with vodka), the Mexican Style Mule (with tequila), the Tropical Style Mule (with rum), and the Southern Style Mule (with bourbon whiskey).

For media queries, contact: ‘Merican Mule Public Relations –


*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: ‘Merican Mule – Southern Style features a bold blend of bourbon whiskey, ginger, orange and cherry at 7% ABV. 

*LOGO link for media:

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Images of an Artist’s Performance from One Month Before the Pandemic Become Increasingly Relevant as Places Re-open and Fates Unfold Wed, 27 May 2020 12:00:57 +0000 LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — An American artist, Ayzay Ukwuoma, presents new images from an art performance he had done less than one month before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s practice of social distancing, currently makes the performance impossible to do. But, the images of his “Idea Sale,” performed in France, only weeks before the pandemic began are striking, as they reveal a sentiment of trust needed for us to continue to exchange our ideas.

Ayzay Ukwuoma performing 'Idea Sale' in France
Just a few short weeks before countries closed their borders, an American artist arrived in France and visited the Biennale de Lyon to perform a sell outdoors. Ayzay Ukwuoma, a Los Angeles-based artist, held an “Idea Sale” outside of the three sites where the biennale was active on that afternoon; Usine Fagor, L’Institut d’art Contemporain, and macLYON.

In front of the large gatherings, the artist carefully retrieved 50 light bulbs of varying sizes from a large suitcase, and laid them atop a pair of blue and red rugs, to form the make-shift composition of a flag with lights as stars. Poignantly, on that weekend, which also featured the city of Lyon’s Festival of Lights, he took a light bulb in his hand, raised it in the air in a forwarding motion, gesturing to the passersby. Shortly after, he extended another, and then another. Ayzay Ukwuoma had begun his “Idea Sale.”

Ayzay Ukwuoma performing 'Idea Sale'
The artist stated that the materials surrounding him in the performance spoke of the position of someone foreign or outside on many levels, “between two countries, and between two languages, in-between, and between the street and in the building.” He further stated that the piece was about trust, needed for dialogue to occur.

Resonating with a wink at the artist David Hammons who did another kind of sale in New York City many decades ago, Ukwuoma placed his lightbulbs on the rugs with care. He would explain that each bulb came with a price tag on which a verb was printed with a translation on each side—one in French, and the other in English, referencing actions exchanged between strangers on both sides of a dialogue.

Now that access to space is limited and stifled out of necessity, the “Idea Sale,” performed less than one month before the pandemic alludes to relevant subtleties within negotiations that occur each time strangers meet.

“We all come with baggage,” the artist comments. “I may bring the common cold, or I may bring the cure for a cold that is uncommon,” he says, poetically addressing the unknown value that we each carry into shared spaces. In the balance, we must stay open to each other, even when places are closed.

To learn more visit:

For more content:
Instagram: @ayzayukwuoma –

About Ayzay Ukwuoma:

Ayzay Ukwuoma is an American multidisciplinary artist working in paint, text, installations, and performance. Often relating to displacement and connectivity, his works include components of spatial intervention, plays on sign systems, and representations of language in codified forms, such as hand-written Morse or binary code—0’s and 1’s. He is an MFA graduate of CalArts and has a Master’s degree in Information Systems and Technology from George Washington University.

Photo caption: Ayzay Ukwuoma performing “Idea Sale” in France, one month before the Pandemic. 


News Source: Ayzay Ukwuoma

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Texas Systems Group Named to ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs: 2020 Edition Wed, 27 May 2020 12:00:48 +0000 AUSTIN, Texas, May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Texas Systems Group has been named to After Nines Inc.’s ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list and research ( for 2020. The annual list and research (hashtag: #Top100MSP) identify and honor the top 100 managed services providers (MSPs) in healthcare, legal, government, financial services, manufacturing and additional vertical markets.

Texas Systems Group Named to ChannelE2E Top
The Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs rankings are based on ChannelE2E’s Q4 2019 and January 2020 readership survey, and ChannelE2E’s vertical market industry coverage. MSPs featured throughout the list and research leverage deep vertical market expertise to drive annual recurring revenues (ARR) in specific market segments.

This year’s research revealed several key MSP market trends, including:

Honorees generated a combined $1.12 billion in vertical market annual recurring revenue (ARR) in 2019, up from $699.1 million in 2018. The surge involved organic growth combined with accelerating merger and acquisition (M&A) activity.

The most successful vertical market MSPs are zeroing in on financial services and healthcare, while MSPs in the legal and manufacturing sectors also showed particularly strong growth.

The Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs now manage more than 2.8 million users across their customer sites in 2019, up from 2.6 million in 2018.

MSPs consider their top vertical market technology partners to be Microsoft (56%), Dell Technologies (22%), Cisco Systems (21%), Datto (19%), ConnectWise (11%) and Ingram Micro (11%).

Texas Systems Group was ranked among the top vertical market MSPs in healthcare.

“Being included as one of ChannelE2E’s Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs is a direct reflection of our team’s ability to provide professional, secure, and Texas-friendly IT support to the healthcare industry,” said David Doran, Texas System Group’s Co-founder and CEO. “We have a phenomenal technical staff that goes above and beyond to successfully support our healthcare clients.”

Texas Systems Group supports a wide range of healthcare organizations, from OB/GYN and other specialty practices to freestanding emergency centers and micro-hospitals. Their knowledge and expertise in managing such a vast variety of software, hardware, processes and service expectations has enabled them to specialize in the industry and be recognized as a leader among healthcare IT providers in Texas.

“After Nines Inc. congratulates Texas Systems Group on this honor,” said Amy Katz, CEO of After Nines Inc. “Vertical market MSPs are uniquely positioned to assist their customers with automation, cybersecurity, e-commerce and business recovery services during this challenging time for the global economy.”

The ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list and research are overseen by Content Czar Joe Panettieri (@JoePanettieri). Find the online list and associated report here:

About After Nines Inc.:

After Nines Inc. provides timeless IT guidance for strategic partners and IT security professionals across ChannelE2E ( and MSSP Alert ( ChannelE2E tracks every stage of the IT service provider journey — from entrepreneur to exit. MSSP Alert is the global voice for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

For sponsorship information contact After Nines Inc. CEO Amy Katz,

For content and editorial questions contact After Nines Inc. Content Czar Joe Panettieri,

About Texas Systems Group:

Recognizing a dire need for organizations to have responsive, professional-grade IT support, David Doran and Andrew Lam founded Texas Systems Group in 2002 with a vision of delivering Texas friendly, honest and caring IT support to both small and midsize businesses and healthcare organizations.

By focusing on risk-reducing IT solutions and passionately supporting its clients, Texas Systems Group has earned the trust of hundreds of organizations across Texas and throughout the United States.

For more information on healthcare IT services, visit

Texas Systems Group, 2204 Forbes Drive, Suite 101, Austin, Texas 78754. Phone: 512.249-2000.

Media Contact:
Melanie Reyna
Marketing Manager
Office: 512.249-2000
Direct: 512.600-6218

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Two Local Altitude H2O Recreation Facilities To Re-Open Under The WhoaZone Brand Wed, 27 May 2020 11:45:43 +0000 MADISON, Wis., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Empire Recreation Management (ERM), the managing partner responsible for the WhoaZone brand, is pleased to announce that (2) of Altitude H2O’s (AH2O) Texas facilities– Grapevine & Rosharon – are going to open in 2020 under the WhoaZone brand. The parks will still feature AH2O’s signature floating obstacle course, but ERM has added some new updates and attractions that will make the facilities more fun than ever, and invite all, both young and old, to come out and see what’s new.

WhoaZone Action Tower
With these two new locations, WhoaZone ( will operate four parks; two in Texas, one in Holly, Michigan, and one in Whiting, Indiana. WhoaZone Recreation Centers offer a variety of water and land-based activities, and feature their award-winning, adrenaline-pumping floating obstacle course.

“We are proud to be bringing two of AH2O’s most successful parks under the WhoaZone banner,” says Ron Romens, CEO of ERM. “Our goal is to continue on the great hospitality and customer experiences that Altitude is famous for and use our industry-leading operations knowledge to make these parks even better, by making them more fun, more safe, and more consistent with the water-based family recreation experience consumers crave.”

He adds, “We are excited that Altitude has given us the opportunity to expand this concept as we prepare for even more growth into 2021 and beyond.”

For more information, please visit WhoaZone at

About WhoaZone

WhoaZone features an inflatable on-water obstacle courses that provide hours of high-energy fun for persons of all ages. With locations in Michigan, Texas, and Indiana, WhoaZone was designed to ensure every guest has an amazing experience and is the perfect attraction for those seeking over-the-top outdoor adventures, mind-blowing acrobatic thrills, and safe, yet fun, active challenges.

About Empire Recreation Management

ERM is a subsidiary of Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS). ERM is a turn-key resource that provides planning, design, installation, training and operational support to commercial recreation operators worldwide. ERM was designed to help owners maximize their investments and to help them optimize the revenue potential of their recreation facility. Learn more at:

For more information about CRS, Empire Recreation Management, or WhoaZone please contact Jen Rice at 866-946-2966 &

News Source: Empire Recreation Management

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Casa Romantica Opened Gardens to Public on Friday, May 22 Wed, 27 May 2020 11:30:32 +0000 SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens, an award-winning Southern California 501(c)(3) nonprofit, opened their gardens to the public on Friday, May 22, in accordance with social distancing and safety guidelines provided by the state of California.

native garden and butterfly sculpture at Casa Romantica
PHOTO CAPTION: A view of the native garden and butterfly sculpture at Casa Romantica. The gardens overlook the San Clemente beach and pier, toward the Pacific Ocean.

Amy Behrens, the executive director, explained that gardens like Casa Romantica’s are indispensable to community healing, offering much-needed places for respite with nature and inspiration. “We look forward to welcoming guests back to our beautiful setting where they can enjoy self-care or family time among our springtime blooms and ocean vistas.”

San Clemente is a popular Southern California seaside community. Casa Romantica’s gardens, with cliffside views of the Pacific Ocean and pier, have traditionally been a ‘must-see’ for tourists during the summer months. Casa Romantica is a member of the American Public Gardens Association and American Horticultural Society. Its gardens include several different themes, such as herbs, succulents, native plants, and a registered Monarch Waystation Butterfly Garden.

At this time only the gardens will be open, and the house remains closed for the safety of our guests. Tickets are limited to a maximum of 40 visitors per hour, with a maximum of 20 guests at any one time on Casa Romantica’s 2.5-acre property to ensure safe social distancing.

Complimentary take home maps are available at the front entrance so that visitors may take self-guided tours through Casa Romantica’s seaside gardens. The one-way route includes marked hand sanitizer stations. The complete course includes some stairs, but a modified route is fully accessible for visitors with special mobility needs.

The suggested donation for admission is $5, and self-service and/or non-touch methods of donation by card or cash are available at the front entrance. All proceeds support the 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s preservation and programs.

While subject to current government health and safety guidelines, Casa Romantica anticipates re-opening its historic home later this summer and resuming its award-winning programming onsite for the 20-21 season. The upcoming season includes both onsite and remote modalities for participation, enabling the nonprofit to fulfill its mission for people of all ages in a manner that fits each individual’s needs.

For those visiting the gardens in the coming days, masks and personal hand sanitizer will be available for purchase at the front entrance. Visit for a complete listing of protocols to protect our staff and guests before visiting the gardens.

Learn more at:

*PHOTO link for media:
Caption: A view of the native garden and butterfly sculpture at Casa Romantica. The gardens overlook the San Clemente beach and pier, toward the Pacific Ocean.

News Source: Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens

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Whole Beauty Salon on A Mission to Beautify Health Care and Frontline Workers During COVID-19 Crisis Wed, 27 May 2020 11:15:23 +0000 NEWTON, Mass., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Whole Beauty Salon and Spa of Newton, Massachusetts is donating free haircut or express facial to health care workers, policemen and firefighters for a duration of month of June 2020. Per Governor Baker’s reopening order, a haircut service will be available as early as May 25, 2020 and spa service will be available as early as June 8, 2020.

Olga Kwasniewski and Stylist Vanessa Lyn Lavin
PHOTO CAPTION (left to right): Olga Kwasniewski, the owner of Whole Beauty Salon and Spa, Lauren Thompson, a nurse, Vanessa Lyn Lavin, a master stylist at Whole Beauty Salon.

Olga Kwasniewski, the owner of Whole Beauty Salon and Spa was brainstorming on how she and her company can contribute and support a community during this unprecedented time of combating the virus.

“Donating our services to frontline workers seems an ultimate decision, especially when a basic haircut or a facial is becoming so essential for those who are working around the clock right now in order to keep us safe. They are fighting for lives of thousands of people! I genuinely believe that willingness of our society to become as one force will help us stand strong together against this virus,” says Olga Kwasniewski. “I am incredibly grateful to my team, who instantly agreed to support this mission. Especially Vanessa Lyn Lavin, a lead master stylist of Whole Beauty Salon, is overly excited to contribute to this cause her talent and skills.”

Whole Beauty Salon is operating under all State’s regulations and compliance of safety. With these guidelines, the salon will accept up to three frontline workers per day with their choice of complimentary service. At a time of appointment, a frontline worker has to present a valid ID.

Appointments can be made online via by selecting “First responder service,” via phone at 617-955-1551 or visiting our website

About Whole Beauty Salon:

Whole Beauty Salon and Spa was established in 2009, right in the heart of Newton Centre and located at 74 Langley Road. The highly skilled team of hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians, and massage therapists are experts offering high-quality services. All services and treatments have a goal to get a complete customized look suiting clients’ needs and personality. Using the latest advanced technology and natural organic products helps them stand out and take pride in their services.

If someone would like to be a part of this campaign, they can become a sponsor by clicking on Book Online and select “Sponsor a HERO.”

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption (from left to right): Olga Kwasniewski, the owner of Whole Beauty Salon and Spa, Lauren Thompson, a nurse, Vanessa Lyn Lavin, a master stylist at Whole Beauty Salon.

News Source: Whole Beauty Salon

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Wonderland Water Park at ACE Adventure Resort Announces Reopening Date Wed, 27 May 2020 10:55:17 +0000 OAK HILL, W.Va., May 27, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — ACE Adventure Resort, an adventure resort based in The New River Gorge, began rafting, ziplining, and rock climbing trips last weekend, after guidance provided by the state of West Virginia was released. The resort, which encompasses 1,500 acres bordering the New River Gorge National River, announced today their plans to open their most popular attraction, Wonderland Waterpark.

Wonderland Water Park at ACE Adventure Resort
Wonderland Waterpark, located in the center of ACE Adventure Resort, is a five-acre spring fed lake full of inflatable toys, including giant planets for you to spin on, water trampolines, and a waterslide that descends from a 3-story tower. The waterpark typically opens prior to Memorial Day, but was delayed this season due to COVID-19 related precautions in place by the state of West Virginia. But, with swimming pools being added to Governor Jim Justice’s Week 5 Reopening Plan, ACE will begin welcoming their first guests into the waterpark for the 2020 season on May 30.

In order to ensure social distancing at Wonderland Waterpark, ACE has implemented some changes to their operating procedures.

“Our normal operating day has been innovated from top to bottom to maintain proper social distancing and to adhere to state regulations,” said Haynes Mansfield, Marketing Director at ACE Adventure Resort. “Some of the major changes include a significant cap to the number of tickets sold each day, online ticket sales only, and checking the temperature of each guest upon entry.”

Wonderland Water Park Reopens
The waterpark will allow a maximum of 240 guests per half-day session, and their restaurant will be open following the guidelines for restaurants in place by the state of West Virginia.

To celebrate the reopening of Wonderland Waterpark, season passes can be purchased for 20% off through May 31 on These passes will be valid for one year, beginning on the first date that they are used. Additionally, in conjunction with Governor Jim Justice’s WVSTRONG State Parks Lodging Discount, all cabins and camping at ACE will be 30% off for instate residents though June.

For more information, please visit




News Source: ACE Adventure Resort

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